A great expired domain finding tool – How to use it

expired domains

Now a days a lot of buzz is going around on link building and niche sites ranking. Especially link building through private blog networks. And indeed private blog networks (PBNs) are basically formed using expired domains. Earlier I had done a post on finding high quality expired domains via expireddomains.net for any use and not […]

Why not to use Google AdWords

Google AdWords

Okay, let me be frank! I was busy on some other projects such as the case studies listed here and investment projects in India where I live. So it was a bit hard to write a blog post. And of course, I don’t want to provide you crap or some information for the sake of […]

Niche & Authority Site Case Study Update

how to build niche website and authority website

After manufacturing a long infographic on Facebook Acquisitions, we are ready to refresh you with an important update on case studies we have undertaken. UGM case study has been successfully completed over two parts i.e. Part-1 and Part-2. Now we are focusing on another two websites and if you remember correctly, one of them was […]

Facebook Acquisitions

facebook acquisitions

Facebook has till date acquired a number of organizations for its ever growing expansion and by the aim of providing best of social media to its users. WhatsApp being the biggest acquisition costing Facebook $19 billion, followed by Oculus VR for $2 billion and Instagram which was bought for $1 billion. Most of the Facebook’s […]

How to find High Authority Domains

expired domains

Expired domains are one of the valuable virtual assets and if used correctly with due care you can make a good amount of money. Basically it is all about getting link juice from sites having authority or having good metrics (PR, PA and DA). Here I am talking about getting link juice from your own […]

Ultimate Gaming Mouse Case Study Part-2

ugm case study p-2

This is the second and the last part of the Ultimate Gaming Mouse case study. So put all your senses in here and stay tuned till the end of the post. Today you’ll be seeing actual data from Google Analytics (GA) and comparison of that data. In Part-1 we discussed about how we setup the […]

Ultimate Gaming Mouse-Case Study Part-1

ugm case study p-1

Do you remember in earlier post we have announced our projects which we would be undertaking in 2014 and some of which are already running quite cool. Not as cool as you are thinking like earnings of $1000 per month. The sites are making $10-15 a month or even less than that. But for learning […]

Top 15 Internet Marketing Blogs

people together to help you

We are today presenting a list of top 15 internet marketing pop-stars you should be like. We have not ranked them according to their features but according to what we have gained from them. You may have a different perspective and that’s perfectly good. The list can become much bigger than what it is here […]